Consulting Packages


Branding and Messaging Strategy

I work with clients on overall art and copy direction for their websites and extended brand collateral. Most importantly, I help clients find and showcase the magic of their brand. Often small changes can go a long way in building connections with new customers and can enrich relationships with loyal followers. I will be available to advise on all related topics including, but not limited to: brand aesthetic, tone of copy, website content structure (what to highlight and where), and finding the right talent to up your game (graphic designers, photographers, copywriters).

Feedback From Target Audience

Want to figure out how to increase conversions? Often I find that customers or potential customers hesitate to share their true feelings when giving feedback directly to a founder or team member. Additionally, potential customers often leave a website with unanswered questions. By allowing me to connect with your potential customers (aka your target audience), I can efficiently elicit honest responses and translate them into concrete, helpful suggestions for improving your website. I will also personally review your website from top to bottom and give a detailed critique with specific suggestions for improvement.

Press Outreach Strategy

I work with clients to create an overall press outreach strategy. In my experience the most effective press outreach for startups or small businesses comes directly from the founder. I will walk you through my playbook from beginning to end for reaching out to press. This includes identifying effective story angles, helping to craft a sparkling pitch email, tips on identifying target journalists, and the strategy for getting journalists’ attention. 

Email Marketing Strategy

I work with clients on email marketing strategy because there's a fine line between spam and effective email marketing. It's a pleasure to help clients figure out the strategy that works to delight, inspire, and engage customers via their inboxes. I will advise on effective methods to capture new emails, convert current subscribers to customers, and continually engage subscribers to drive repeat purchases. I will share my approach to evaluating content type, as well as optimal layouts, subject lines and sub-headers, and then together we will identify the right format for your audience.

Kickstarter Campaign Strategy

Strategic Advising / I will work with you to create an overall strategic press and audience growth plan for Kickstarter. I will be available to advise on timing, video script, photos, content on Kickstarter page, newsletter engagement, graphic design, reward tiers, stretch goals + add-ons, and post-campaign survey.

Build Pre-Launch Email List / I will advise on proven strategy to generate sign-ups before campaign launches and get input from target customers. I will provide a list of at least 15 potential collaboration partners.

Craft Outreach Email / I will give input on the outreach email template to be sent to bloggers and journalists announcing campaign launch.

Generate Pitch List / I will share a list of outlets whose readers may respond to campaign, and I will share my strategy on how to determine which additional journalists to pitch.

Reward Tiers / I will review reward tiers and provide expertise in structuring multiple item levels, add-ons, stretch goals, and post-campaign follow up.

Extra Support / I will be available via phone and email on an on-going basis to answer questions and provide feedback about strategy.



For rates and availability, please send me a note at Don't see a package that fits your needs? Let's chat and I'll be happy to customize one for you.