Marketing Strategy is my jam and jelly.

I have a thing for creative ecommerce marketing and getting press for projects. 

In 2009, I founded Dear Kate, a startup that makes high performance underwear and yoga pants. 

We were featured in over 200 articles. Here are the highlights: 

We were the "Talk Of The Town" one time in the New YorkerThis is one of my favorite profiles as it really conveys my feelings on the spirit behind the brand. We got a lot of attention in 2014 for our Ada collection lookbook which culminated in an interview on CNBC and an opinion piece in The Guardian. Then a few months later we responded to Victoria's Secret's "Perfect Body" campaign and the Facebook post was shared almost 10K times, receiving 1.2M organic views. You can watch our First Time video and our Kickstarter video where we raised over 1000% of our Kickstarter funding goal to bring to life yoga pants designed to be worn with nothing under. The Kickstarter campaign ranks in the top 1% of campaigns ever published. In 2015 the BBC featured me in their 30 Under 30 profiles and in January 2016, I was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. 

Let's work it out, together.

I love figuring out how to tell a story that brings attention to meaningful projects and products. My strengths include conducting qualitative market research, providing strategy guidance on email newsletters, optimizing brand look and messaging, and coaching crowdfunding campaign launches.

My consulting services take shape in the form of project packages. To see available packages, click here

For rates and availability, please send me a note at 

Word on the street:

"Julie was so easy to work with, taking the lead on the project and owning every aspect of it from big picture to small details. She walks the perfect balance of making decisions and executing on the project, while still checking-in regularly so that we always knew the status of the project. Julie has great creative vision, yet is very receptive to feedback and graciously incorporated our ideas along the way. The project was completed on time, on budget, and blew our expectations out of the water."  

                            - Julie Carson, Director of Marketing for Leota

"From the minute I met Julie, I knew I was in the best hands.  Julie “got” me and my work instantly and helped me both hone and broaden my message. She has magical people skills that accomplish the seemingly ambitious with alacrity and enthusiasm. She’s the perfect combination of creative and practical and is unfailingly thorough. Also? She can pull off red lipstick like nobody’s business. Enough said. "  

                              - Faith Salie, Author of Approval Junkie, Contributor to "CBS News Sunday Morning," and Panelist on NPR's "Wait, Wait.....Don't Tell Me!"